I know its been a little quiet this last week, but the wheels have been turning.  I’m posting this press release for distribution tomorrow, but I wanted to get it up on here now to get a glimpse of it.

Just uploaded it to a PR agency.  Take a look at the live Press Release.


Enough about the history of Freemasonry, it is  time to explore what it means to BE a Freemason in the new book Masonic Traveler.

Culminating several years, numerous interactions, and volumes of books consumed, author Greg Stewart has stepped out from behind the veil of Masonic History to explore the unanswered question of what it means to be a Freemason.  Further, to ask what are the secrets of being a Freemason?  What do its allegories and symbolism allude to?  What are the true meanings behind the Masonic mantra’s of Faith, Hope, and Charity?

Los Angeles, California – April 26, 2010 – the new book Masonic Traveler is a collection of essays and commentary by noted Masonic blogger Greg Stewart.  Collected over a period of four years from the blog of the same name, Masonic Traveler is a journal of esoteric exploration into the speculative aspects of Freemasonry rather than rehash of the secretive or historical aspects frequently covered.

Freemasonry is very present tense, with the release of the latest Brown novel The Lost Symbol, and many books have appeared to speak to the fictionalized story.  Masonic Traveler instead has taken the approach of speaking directly from the place of being a Freemason, exploring the questions that being a Freemason demands of its members, and sharing the answers found.  Masonic Traveler is quite literally the work of a traveler through the many degrees and ideas of the ancient fraternity.

“This started as a personal journey to understand what it meant to be a Freemason”  says author Greg Stewart.  “In many ways the essays and commentary about the ancient fraternity, came out of the very questions that have forever been asked of it, which was the goal in putting this work together for both the fraternity and those interested in what it teaches.”  In many ways it stands to represent a renaissance in American Freemasonry.

“When we are raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason we are admonished to seek ‘further light.’  This means to ponder, to question, to seek answers and to grow and evolve as a species.” Says Tim Bryce, author of the Freethinking Freemason, which is precisely what Masonic Traveler is about.

The book Masonic Traveler is available on line at masonictraveler.com and on Amazon.  Its ISBN is ISBN: 978-0-615-35918 and it retails for $14.99.

About the Author – Greg Stewart is a self styled maverick Freemason and has written, edited, and published hundreds of posts and journal entries on his blog MasonicTraveler.blogspot.com and FreemasonInformation.com.  Also, he has interviewed most present day notable Masonic authors and luminaries for his weekly pod cast program Masonic Central.  Most importantly, Greg is a passionate Freemason of 14 years and is the author of the e-book “What is Freemasonry?” which is available for download on Scribd.com.

For more information about Masonic Traveler, please visit http://www.masonictraveler.com/ or contact the author at 818-445-5210 or via email at masonictraveler@gmail.com.