Masonic Traveler – Essays and Commentary

Masonic Traveler

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Masonic Traveler is a work at a crossroads; an alchemy that is the personal expression of study of the highest occult form of the Western Mystery Traditions – Freemasonry.

This work is more than a history book, more than an evaluation of ancient symbols.  Simply, it is the study of its symbolic nuance, the mapping its esoteric parallels, and the assimilating of it all into daily life.  Essentially, it is the personal journey of being a Freemason.

Included in the work is a consideration of the bee hive, the symbolic¬† tenets of Faith, Hope, and Charity, and the symbolic meaning behind King Solomon’s Temple, and much more.

This work is the journal of a Masonic Traveler.

Masonic Traveler – Essays and Commentary

Author: Stewart, Gregory B
ISBN: 978-0-615-35918
Subjects: Religion : General – Body, Mind & Spirit : Metaphysical Phenomena – General, Social Science : Freemasonry

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